How to Adopt

Babymong Overseas Puppy Sales


(LA, NewYork)

(LA, Vancouver, Seattle, NewYork)


Korea Tiny Puppies specializes in overseas adoption
We have sent so many adoptions around the world
Always send air shipment abroad very safely
Before departure from Korea, we must test your puppy for parvovirus, distemper, coronavirus, and other diseases and send you a video

Babymong overseas adopt service

and selection

Sending detailded


payment process

Helath examination and Quarantine


Consulation and Selection

- After selecting dog with images and videos in website, consult about puppy breeds, appearance, gender

Sending detailed images and videos 

- After consultation with us, we will send detailed images and videos of what you are intersted


- After selecting dog, make a reservation by transferring a deposit

Payment process

- You can pay by bank transfer or credit card, and you can pay via Wirebarley or Transferwise website

Helath examination and quarantine

- Helath Check up for 2 weeks in case of an incubation period for diseases


- Shipment will be made via flight at least 3 weeks after the payment date due to the health check and quarantine regulations